A seminar (certificate) on foreign trade education organized by the chairman of the department without high school, Mr. Gur.Selami Sedat AKGÖZ, was organized. The seminar was realized with the presentations of Customs Consultant Ahmet DÖNMEZ and Kayseri Regional Manager Murat CEBECİ on behalf of İnanç Foreign Trade Services Group.

Information on foreign trade, customs, logistics and customs legislation was given in the training. In addition, after graduating from the experience of career planning transferring Dönmez, continued support for vocational training, he said.

The questions asked by the students in the educational program welcomed by our students were answered. It was stated that education would continue within the periodicity principle. At the end of the training, it was decided to inform the rector to prepare a protocol on internship cooperation and career planning.


The program Ahmet DÖNMEZ wrote the book written by all the teaching staff to give a gift and collectively took a souvenir photo ended.