The Program is established in 2012 within the scope of Ahi Evran University, Mucur Vocational High School. It aims to school people who can have a role in media, advertisement and visual production.

The Photography and Cameraman Program provides two-year associate degree education after high school education. Approximately 40 students are enrolled in the program. Students are required to take and pass all compulsory courses in the program. Within the Photography and Cameramen Program; theoretical courses as Cinematography and photography history, media literacy, new media, and also practical courses as practical shooting techniques are given.


Moreover panels, technical courses, researches, photo and video technical trips, and compulsory internship experience enable students to transform their knowledge into practice.

Graduates can work as fashion, advertisement photographers, director, director of photography, advertisement cameraman, fashion cameraman, studio cameraman in both private and public sector. In addition to this they can set up their own business.