Mucur Vocational School was established on 25.12.2002 with the decision of General Assembly of Higher Education in accordance with the amendment 7 / d-2 of Law No. 2547 and 2880 with the letter dated 22 December 2002 of Gazi University.

Qualification Awarded

The students who have graduated from the Business Management Programme will be granted with a title called Business Occupational Person. These graduates will be able to find a job in accounting, human resource, public relations and marketing departments of any type of businesses and will be able to improve their positions according to their performance.

Admission Requirements

The students who have graduated from Business High schools, Occupational High Schools and Multi scheduled High Schools are going to be accepted by the OSYM according to their high school education feedback score..

Higher Grade Transition

The one who has this diploma may continue his/her Bachelor's Degree.

Graduation Requirements

Business Management in the Field of students to obtain bachelor's degree program in front of required and elective courses (a total of 120 ECTS Equivalent) and successfully complete all of the minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average GPA of 4.00 must achieve. In addition, the internship should have completed 30 working days.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Banking, Insurance, Accounting and Finance, Private Sector and Public Sector.

Assessment and Grading


"Regulations of Ahi Evran University Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Education and Examination" is applied.